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Better Product Selection

You are not going to want to miss what is coming. A TON of new products are being added!

The Quick Update

I have over 100 new fabric options to load to the store.  These can be used on tumblers or shoes!  I have added two more product categories and am adding more inventory daily. You are going to want to check back to see what's new.

I am working on building a membership site for VIP access to discounts, special deals, and live sale sneak peek access.  To become a member click below to sign up.

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About The Sparkle Freak

Cynthia, The Sparkle Freak, painting glue onto a sneaker to create custom glitter shoes.

Our Products

Glitter and rhinestones OH MY! If it can be made to sparkle, I'll make it sparkle. If you need bling, I've got bling. I offer custom cups, shoes & more but I also offer craft supplies for you to be your own DIY master.

Pink rhinestones being placed on an RTIC stainless steel tumbler

More than Just a Store

What would you like to learn? I offer tutorials on YouTube and Facebook in addition to offering local classes. I want you to be able to create your own sparkly flare if you want or I can create it for you if you aren't a do it yourself type. Either way we're going on the journey together.

Let's have fun creating custom cups and custom shoes just for you!

Rainbow color shifting rhinestones on platform heels with yellow feather accents.

The Short Story

I've always created things as a child but I stopped for several years as an adult doing adult things until a contest for bling shoes that evolved into custom designed shoes that even my husband was involved with. That pair of super flashy shoes was not made by me. Yes, my peeps, my husband made those!

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